15 09, 2015

Bulk Office 365 Mail Imports Using the New PST Import Tool

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Bulk Mail Imports

An easier way to import lots of email

One of the main challenges in moving from an on-premise Exchange installation to the Microsoft hosted Office 365 service is data migration. The slowest method to import data from existing Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 is to use Outlook to upload the data directly to Office 365.

Microsoft caps the import speed at roughly 500 MB an hour per mailbox from each instance of Outlook which can easily cause problems due to time and logistical constraints – even over a long weekend. It is more efficient to use their new PST Import Tool which involves uploading all the data to a temporary Azure location and then starting a mass import. The procedure for bulk Office 365 imports is described in this article.

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11 05, 2015

Disable Office 365 Password Expiration

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Office 365


By default, the password for a new account in Office 365 will expire every 90 days.  Some companies find this to be an inconvenience.  You can change the Office 365 password expiration length (or disable it altogether.)

There are two methods to change your password […]

23 03, 2015

List Your Office 365 Email Addresses

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Office 365


It’s sometimes difficult to find out exactly who is the owner of a particular email address, particularly when your Office 365 deployment has multiple domains and hundreds of users.  This is an easy process to dump everything to a file and then locate the […]

14 10, 2014

Connect to Office 365 and Azure with PowerShell

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Office 365


Microsoft is constantly improving their web-based Office 365 administration tool but there are still sometimes things that need to be done with the PowerShell tool. It also provides more granular control and the ability to automate complex tasks through scripting. Below I’ll describe how […]

07 07, 2014

Datto Backup Support Now Available

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Symmetrix Technologies is pleased to announce a new partnership with Datto Backup, the leading provider of backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

We provide 24×7 support for the entire Datto backup line, including SIRIS, SIRIS2, ALTO XL, ALTO XL2 and Datto NAS.

  • Features include:
  • On site backup […]