18 01, 2019

The Still-Prevalent Problem with Ransomware

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Look it up millennials, it's a classic game.

Look it up millennials, it's a classic game. Keyword: dysentery

​Ransom in the Streets

All we need are backups, sweet backups

One of the major IT security issues in the last five years involves the dreaded and feared ransomware resulting in loss of data, income and possibly the entire business.

These problems are unlikely to be eliminated or reduced unless you follow proper computer/network security procedures which I’ll outline in this article.

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28 12, 2018

Detecting Spoofed Emails in Office 365

By |2018-12-28|Office 365, Security|

Spoofed Emails

​We Won’t Get Spoofed Again

In the last six months, our clients have seen an uptick in the number of spoofed emails in Office 365 that appear to be coming from an internal user. These are phishing attempts that attempt to get the employee to click on a link contained within the email. They look legitimate because the return address will be that of a co-worker. If the link is clicked on there is a good chance their machine will be infected resulting in data theft.

This guide will show you how to put a one-line advisory at the top of every incoming email so you know if it originated from inside or outside of your organization.

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14 05, 2017

Protect Yourself from Ransomware [Updated]

By |2017-05-14|News, Security|


Wanna Cry Screenshot

Wanna Cry Screenshot



On May 12, 2017 a new ransomware virus called WannaCry was unleashed and it wreaked havoc on Microsoft Windows systems.  Infected computers had their important files encrypted and the user was prompted to pay a ransom to the authors of the virus in order to recover their files.

As is common, the ransom for malware removal was demanded to be paid in Bitcoin. The amount to pay increases over time to encourage prompt transfer of funds.

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