Datto Backup and Recovery

Industry leading solutions with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure that your business will never lose data

Business continuity and time-based retention

  • Protection against accidents, malicious actions and ransomware
  • Backups are stored as complete snapshots of the servers
  • Restore data based on retention time of the backup plan rather than number of tapes or drives
  • Ability to run a virtual machine of the backup off of the Datto device or from the cloud within minutes of a total server failure so your employees can continue to work normally
  • Employees will be able to access data from remote locations in the event of disaster


Data Protection


Azure File Storage 1

Multiple layers of redundancy

  • Local backup
  • Cloud replication
  • Local and remote virtual machines for disaster recovery
  • Restore entire snapshots or individual files to any location from the local or cloud backups
  • Bare-metal restore of the entire system even with different hardware with automatic driver installation

Freedom from media and security worries

  • No reliance on employee media rotation
  • No worries about lost or stolen tapes or drives
  • Data encryption for HIPPA, SOX and PCI requirements

A proper backup system is a cheap insurance policy to protect against accidents and liabilities. Don't get caught off-guard!