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With over 20 years experience serving the legal community in Dallas, Denton and Collin Counties, the Symmetrix team of legal IT specialists understand and deliver IT services with the same high level of responsiveness, competence and attention to detail that your clients demand.

Symmetrix Technologies is your experienced IT partner supporting the legal industry. We keep your systems online and business operations running smoothly so your staff can bill their time without interruption. Learn why law firms in the DFW metroplex call on Symmetrix Technologies for their legal IT support.


Symmetrix SMB Monitoring identifies hardware issues, software issues, required patches and updates. Our comprehensive management of your servers, workstations and virtual machines quickly identifies and resolves potential issues before they impact your business.


Our experienced team of support technicians and engineers ensure your workstations, servers and virtual machines are running efficiently and securely with the latest operating system patches and updates.


Microsoft Office 365 gives your company the flexibility to adopt new business productivity solutions and applications while consolidating costly IT infrastructure. We will fully migrate your organization to Office 365 and help you maximize productivity with the entire suite of tools.


Symmetrix SMB Essentials comprehensive security will safeguard your data from potential threats and keeps your infrastructure healthy through data encryption, replication, antivirus, firewalls, consistent patching and and security best practices.


Symmetrix Backup and Recovery services securely backs up data from all your desktops, on-premise servers and cloud-based servers to geo-redundant locations for fast time-to-recovery and protection from ransomware. 


The Symmetrix team of highly skilled technicians and engineers provide on-call support with a trouble ticket system to meet your business needs and ensure quick problem resolution.


Ensure legal compliance and confidential communications with your clients by using encrypted and tracked email for privacy and legal proof of delivery.


Control access to sensitive data both inside and outside of your organization by limiting who can view, print, copy or forward confidential documents and emails.


Our engineers will help you securely access your clients’ files so you can work from any location on any device at any time.


Symmetrix Tech will help you prevent accidental leaks of confidential client and firm information by enforcing policies to keep legal, financial and personally identifiable information (PII) in your secure network.


Prevent data loss and disclosure by remotely wiping corporate data from user phones, tablets and laptops.


Perform discovery on all of your data including mailboxes, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

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Symmetrix Legal Office Managed Services

Every attorney must contend with ethical obligations and rules to protect client information while  working with others inside and outside of the firm.  At Symmetrix we have over 20 years of experience working with law firms and have built the managed IT service package to includepermanent email and data backupencrypted emailcontrol of corporate data on mobile devicesextra layer of spam filtering.information rights managementdata loss preventionautomatic court deadlines in calendars and integration with STI's PracticeMaster and Tabs3 legal software.

Browning Law Group helps safeguard client trust with Office 365

Browning Law Group needed a collaboration environment that would be easy to run and that would help safeguard confidential client information. When the firm adopted Microsoft Office 365, it built an agile, versatile, and highly secured environment that helps its lawyers stay connected, get more done in less time, and maintain client trust.

Legal Firm Embraces Cloud Computing, Wins Case for Mobile Productivity

Lawyers at RTR, a criminal defense firm in Miami, Florida, had been faxes, couriers, and an unreliable server—which impeded productivity. Then one of its lawyers introduced Microsoft Office 365, mobile devices, and smartphones. Now documents are stored online, lawyers access case files in court and at home, on any device, and they use simultaneous co-authoring to create briefs. Productivity is up by an estimated 25 percent.

Cloud computing for Small Law Firms

An explanation of cloud computing, otherwise known as SaaS, or hosted software, and how it can improve technology effectiveness and efficiency in small law firms.

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In this video, Shobhit Sahay, Technical Product Manager at Microsoft explains the different encryption controls that are available to customers in Office 365 such as Information Rights Management(IRM), Office 365 Message Encryption, S/MIME and how you can start you using them today.

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