Office 365, Enhanced

Transform your business processes with an even better Office 365

Office 365, Enhanced

Microsoft's Office 365 includes industry-leading Exchange email services, the Office productivity suite, OneDrive for Business file storage, Skype for Business videoconferencing and Microsoft Teams chat-based workspace.

We've taken this world-class suite of products and made it even better by adding permanent email and data backup, encrypted email, protection of corporate data on mobile devices and an extra layer of spam filtering.

Permanent backup of mail and OneDrive

An Office 365 subscription allows for recovery of mail for 30 days and files for a maximum of 90 days. We've enhanced the backup function to allow for recovery from the first backup to the current time. You'll get these additional features:

  • The backup runs multiple times a day so you're assured of getting every email and file back
  • The backup is permanent - you'll be able to go back in time to the first backup
  • Includes previous versions of files so you can recover if something has accidentally been changed


Office 365 Email 1


Mobile device management (MDM) for corporate data protection

When an employee leaves or a phone is lost, your corporate data remains on their personal devices. Use MDM to:

  • Remotely wipe corporate apps and data on user phones, tablets and laptops without affecting personal data
  • Allow secure access to corporate data and applications from any device - Windows, iOS and Android
  • Help prevent corporate data leaks by restricting copy and paste between corporate and personal apps

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Encrypted and tracked mail with RMail

  • Encrypt and track email and documents containing sensitive or private information
  • Recipient can open encrypted emails without account signup
  • Receive a registered receipt for legal proof of delivery and compliance with time of delivery and opening of message
  • Use legal electronic signatures with no special software required by your recipients
  • Send encrypted and tracked files of up to 1 GB in size

Email Encryption with RMail

Anti-Spam Protection

Extra layer of anti-spam and anti-malware

Office 365 comes with excellent spam, virus and malware filters but no system is perfect. Add a second layer of protection to scan your email twice and get:

  • A second, different anti-spam and anti-malware database to scan your incoming emails
  • Whitelisting to allow trusted senders
  • Quarantine of suspicious emails before they arrive in Office 365 and Outlook on your devices

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Office 365 Plans

There are two Office 365 plans designed for businesses with up to 300 employees. Business Essentials includes email, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Business Premium adds five copies of the desktop version of Office 2016 for each user:


Business Essentials

Business Premium

Email with 50 GB mailboxIncludedIncluded
Online versions of Office 2016IncludedIncluded
OneDrive for Business 1 TB storage per userIncludedIncluded
Skype for Business video conferencingIncludedIncluded
Microsoft Teams chat-based workspace (like Slack)IncludedIncluded
Office 2016 with Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote and PublisherIncluded
Office 2016 installed on 5 PCs or Macs per userIncluded
Office 2016 installed on 5 tablets and phones per userIncluded

Office 365 Enhanced Features

Any of the enhanced features can be added to either plan. At a minimum, we strongly recommend the backup service because Exchange Online only comes with 30 days of deleted mail item retention time.


Business Essentials

Business Premium

Mailbox and OneDrive for Business backup multiple times daily with permanent retentionIncludedIncluded
Mobile device management for remote wipe of corporate dataIncludedIncluded
RMail message encryption and trackingIncludedIncluded
Additional layer of email anti-virus and anti-spamIncludedIncluded


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Office 365 Migration Service

Migration and integration of your business processes into the cloud is a complex task. We've been successfully making companies more competitive for years with our networking expertise.

We can move Microsoft Exchange, Windows servers and Google's G Suite to Office 365 and Azure.

Each upgrade is unique although the general procedure is the same:

  • We'll perform an inventory of your current infrastructure and provide you with recommendations in the form of road map and timeline
  • Pre-migration of existing data takes place to ensure a quick migration with no downtime for your employees
  • At the cutover date and time the switch to the new system is performed in minutes
  • A final synchronization of data from your old system to your new system occurs
  • We're onsite and ready for immediate follow-up support the next day for your employees

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