RMail Encrypted and Tracked Email for Office 365

Improve your email and protect your professional reputation by adding encryption, tracking, e-signatures and large file support

End-to-end email encryption

  • Encrypt email and documents containing sensitive or private information at the click of a button
  • Delivers encrypted messages directly to recipient inbox and enables clients to reply encrypted
  • No need for recipient to sign up for an account to open encrypted emails
  • Sender receives a Registered Receipt record for legal proof of delivery and compliance
  • Proves compliance with data privacy mandates including HIPAA PII, GLB NPI and other requirements



Registered email tracking

  • Certified evidence of compliance proving delivery, time of delivery and exact message content
  • Send e-certified legal notices, demand letters, IP infringement notices and more
  • Prove e-delivery under UCC Article 9, FPB notice rules and other rules and regulations
  • Records complete audit trail with timestamped reports detailing exactly when an email was opened and/or delivered

Legal electronic signatures

  • E-sign client declarations, engagement letters, settlements, board resolutions, non-disclosure agreements and more
  • Significantly speeds up the completion of signed contracts
  • No requirement for your recipients to have any special software
  • Works with all types of documents
  • Multi-party signoff


Send large files

  • Enables you to send files of up to 1 GB in size
  • Files are encrypted and tracked
  • No need for a separate large file transfer service
  • Provide your recipient with a direct download link via email
  • Reduce or eliminate postal and delivery fees

It's critical to meet legal requirements for privacy to protect yourself and your clients. Get started today!

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